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In spite of the fact that we are not recruitment agency, we can help you with other issues, that are connected to HR management and with tools that are often neglected.

Recruitment activities:

  • RECRUITMENT CONSULTING – definition of who are you searching for, the layout and aim of advertisement, choice of advertising media, selecting procedure process, …
  • ASSESSMENT CENTERS – group choice of candidates for particular position with the use of supplemental tools
  • PSYCHODIAGNOSTIC TESTS – supplemental method, allows detailed view angle on the candidate’s personality side
  • KNOWLEDGE  AND PRACTICAL  TESTS – supplemental method, allows detailed view angle on the candidate’s practical knowledge and skills


Termination of employment activities:

  • OUTPLACEMENT – care for departing employees during collective redundancies and their support in finding a new job.

Supporting activities:

  • PERSONAL MARKETING -  systematic building of a company’s good name and the brand of employer on the market with the aim to be the first choice employer. Well thought and long term applied attitude secures sufficient number of possible and motivated employees in any situation.
  • TRADEFAIR PRESENTATION – suitable channel for the presentation of the employer (name and brand), source of trainees.


If you are interested in obtaining employees for permanent employment, we recommed to use services of our partner company  Breezy human s.r.o.



You have no experience in the recruitment of new employees? Nevermind, we will educate either you or your HR team or managers to either basic or advanced forms of recruitment. More in the section  Trainings and workshops.

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